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Reliable Land Surveying Services

Since 1999, Region Land Survey has provided fast, reliable land surveying services for the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide the best service at a reasonable cost as quickly as possible. Whether it is a mortgage inspection that closes today or topography for several acres, Region Land Survey will work to meet the timeline you need at a cost that is acceptable.
Land Surveyors — Land Surveying in Blue Springs MO
Our land survey service plays an important role helping clients understand legal property boundaries and detailed land topography. If you’re planning a construction project, let us assist you.
Topographical Survey — Topographical Survey in Blue Springs, MO
Call today for an estimate from our team of experts. From property lines to topography, our land surveyors provide vital information required before any work can begin on your project.
The Core of This Business is Boundary Surveying
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